Plastic is everywhere, you can see it on the streets of cities, along coasts and hills which are environmentally vulnerable. Plastic is so common because it’s easy to use. From plastic bags to all sorts of packaging, we use it every day. But there’s a big problem. When we are done with plastic, it becomes waste very quickly, and that waste needs to be channeled into a circular economy. 

Preventing it from entering the environment, and removal of the existing mismanaged waste is extremely crucial today because plastic waste breaks down into smaller pieces over time, eventually becoming microplastics that infiltrate our ecosystems. These tiny plastic particles are found in our soil, oceans, and even the air we breathe. They harm wildlife, damage ecosystems, and potentially impact human health.

But with the use of technology blended with a systems-level approach, this mismanaged plastic waste can be tackled. With the help of innovative tech solutions and tools, we can better collect, sort, recycle, and manage plastic waste, reducing the burden on landfills. 

At Recity, we digitize the waste-ecosystem processes and automate the journey of your brand’s plastic waste with our holistic technology platform that enables end-to-end traceability and efficiency for every player across the value chain.

Let’s explore how our Tech-enabled plastic waste management innovations will boost your brand waste management journey. 

  1. Our technology keeps a track of the waste journey, from the moment the waste is segregated at home to when it is collected by waste workers and handled by city authorities.
  1. Once the waste materials reach the Dry Waste Collection Centers or Material Recovery Facilities, our technology takes over, managing the data to make sure everything runs smoothly while keeping a close watch on the material movement.
  1. For brands, we offer valuable benefits such as providing real-time data about the availability of the different categories of plastic feedstock and recycled material, helping them make responsible choices. This access to high-quality recycled materials for their packaging, will help meet the demands of their eco-conscious consumers.

By embracing innovations and raising awareness about responsible plastic consumption, we can collectively tackle plastic waste management in India and protect our environment for future generations! 

Come, join us and change the game of plastics with end-to-end traceability as it is the gateway to identify and track your assets in the supply chain and fulfill your sustainability commitment. 

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