Mathura, Uttar Pradesh


Purna is an initiative that aims to transform the waste workforce by developing a circular, equitable and inclusive model of solid and plastic waste management. PepsiCo Foundation in partnership with Recity Network and Mathura Vrindavan Nagar Nigam (MVNN), launched this initiative with a vision to make twin cities of Mathura -Vrindavan, the cleanest tourist cities of India. Initiative Purna intends to build the socio-economic resilience of waste workers and facilitate diversion of municipal solid waste, especially post-consumer plastics, through a multi-collaborative strategy with the ecosystem. The project is being implemented in phases in Mathura Vrindavan, initiating with the professionalization of 100 waste workers and diversion of 500 metric tons of city waste from 4000 property units comprising 20,000 citizens.


Mixed Waste disposal and Littering

250 MTs of mixed waste goes to landfill from the Mathura Vrindavan Nagar Nigam (MVNN), with very low recyclable value.

Poor socio-economic condition of the workforce

100+ formal & informal waste workers are deprived of basic rights & social security entitlements such as health insurance, access to government policies & power to participate in SHGs.

Inadequate governance mechanisms

The ULB is currently challenged with technical knowledge as well as reporting & sustenance mechanisms to improvise and maintain the waste systems in the city


Building economic resilience among the city’s waste sector workforce
  • 100 formal and informal waste workers are being transformed into waste professionals in Mathura-Vrindavan, including training of formal and informal waste workforce around health, hygiene, workplace safety, technology and financial literacy.
Diversion of waste
  • 500 MT of waste in the city is being diverted  from 4000 property units by engaging with 20,000 citizens
  • Clean-up drives along the lanes of Mathura, and banks of Yamuna are organized by this Initiative
  • Behavior change activities held to drive awareness on source segregation, anti-littering and encouraging friendly behavior towards waste workers
Improving efficiency in waste collection services
  • Recity’s tech-enabled platform, Waste Intelligence, will be deployed in the city for real-time visibility of movement of waste and on-ground resources.


Waste Generators

Residents, Tourists, Hotel Associations, Markets, Religious Institutions, Hospitals

Government Bodies

Waste Sector Workforce

Local SHGs, Co-operatives & Associations



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