2022 has been fabulous for Recity. It was the year of CLARITY and CONSISTENCY, making us 2x more courageous & 4x more focused. It was a purpose-driven journey of channeling our energies to collectively build our ONE TRUE NORTH.

Our Ecosystem Partners Have Only Strengthened Our Vision And Multiplied Impact

2022 Brought Opportunities Of All Kinds At Our Doorstep!

5000+ MTs of all kinds of plastics, including the low-value & hard-to-recycle kind, has been recovered from the environment and channeled into circularity. 22 cities are actively working towards a circular vision for India. We are catalyzing citywide campaigns and collaborations among Urban Local Bodies (ULBs), waste professionals, households, institutions and local communities across various environmentally vulnerable hills and ocean-bound cities.

17,000+ citizens, institutions and other stakeholders were engaged with our behavior change models, for enabling awareness on source segregation and sustainable waste management practices.

1500+ waste workers professionalized and benefited, ₹4 Cr. unlocked through various welfare schemes, 87+ women waste workers organized and upskilled under 8 SHGs, ₹10,000+ unlocked from sale of festive products – all in 2022. We are now also building a new journey for our value chain partners by soon unlocking insurance and credit facilities to develop 100+ micro-entrepreneurs in this plastic waste ecosystem.

While the waste professionals are ensuring automation in the city waste management, we are also enabling end-to-end digital traceability across the supply chain by offering a platform to brands for complying with EPR obligations and equipping them with real-time and authentic data for plastic credits. Our AWS-secure technology platform, Waste Intelligence, has also made Recity a certified ISO-27001 organization.

Our contextualized solutions aim to build the waste processing capacity of India’s environmentally vulnerable cities with efficient and socio-economically compliant infrastructure – further impacting the urban fabric of a city. By unlocking Public Private Partnerships, we have begun operating and managing government-owned MRFs in Mathura-Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh and Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra, thus leading cities on a journey of profitable business models.

These MRFs along with the Sanitation Park in Pondicherry, are ensuring circularity of all types of plastics, including the low-value, multi-layered and flexible plastics. We are grateful to our partnerships with Godrej Consumer Products Ltd., Alliance to End Plastic Waste, CleanHub, PepsiCo Foundation and JSW Foundation in translating this circularity through efficient and compliant infrastructure. 

“Recity’s impact is no longer limited to only recovering waste and professionalizing the workforce in a city. We are now taking bigger strides to expand our vision and build traceable, circular models across vulnerable geographies while also shaping the future of the waste value chain.” 

Suraj Nandakumar, Co-founder & CEO, Recity Network

As the year is winding down, here’s the recipe to our secret sauce: A blend of 2 tablespoons of belief with 200 strong dreamers & believers. Having our ecosystem partners by our side will only strengthen our vision and multiply impact in 2023!