What are Green Jobs?

Green Jobs also known as decent jobs, contribute to preserving the environment and creating a positive impact. These jobs are not restricted to any specific sector but they focus on generating sustainability which further protects our planet. Even though all the jobs are developed with a motive but with also an aspect of profitability, the priority of Green Jobs is to preserve and safeguard the environment.

4 Benefits of Green Jobs

  • Creating New Opportunities

Indeed! Due to the need for a sustainable environment, Green Jobs are creating new opportunities every day. Even the Union Budget 2023 mentioned an increase in the rise of Green Jobs as it will not just help to develop the nation but also conserve the planet.

  • Manages and Protects the environment

As mentioned above, green jobs are not similar to usual jobs where the motive of the job is to gain profit, but here jobs are meant to achieve environmental benefits by maintaining sustainability. Job profiles such as sustainable forestry, biofuels, geothermal energy, environmental remediation, sustainability, energy auditors, recycling, electric vehicles, solar power, and wind energy are developed in such a way that the end goal is to manage the available facilities to protect the environment.

  • Minimizes waste pollution

Jobs in the ecosystem that focus on solid waste management are essential to minimize waste pollution. With the growth in waste generation each day, we are in a global emergency for waste sanitation, and with the rise in the number of green jobs the environment is benefitting as end-to-end processes are followed to prevent solid waste from entering the landfills.

  • Develops a process to ensure Circularity

Green jobs are working as a bridge to fill in the gap of achieving sustainable development goals and without the process followed by the green workers, it wouldn’t be possible to ensure circularity.

Green Growth is essential globally and we at Recity feel immensely grateful to be a part of this effort.

We observed the gap between the collection and segregation process. Hence, with the help of government bodies and our partners, we are creating more and more green jobs each day in order to keep plastic waste in the economy and out of our environment.

We aim to not just provide employment but to formalize these green workers so that they lead the ecosystem tomorrow. Accordingly, we are providing training on sorting, occupational health and hygiene, and safety gear and also incentivizing them in order to recognize them for their work.

“Recity’s impact is no longer limited to only recovering waste and professionalizing the workforce in a city. We are now taking bigger strides to expand our vision and build traceable, circular models across vulnerable geographies while also shaping the future of the waste value chain.” 

Suraj Nandakumar, Co-founder & CEO, Recity Network