As solutionaries, we are enabling the ecosystems with our waste management services and recycled packaging solutions to create a circular economy of plastics.

Maximize Circularity of Plastics with Traceable Recyclates

Accelerate your brand’s journey to circularity with our ethically sourced, traceable, high quality recyclates of all kinds of plastics including flexible, multi-layered, low value plastics - often single use in nature.

Traceable Recyclates

Minimize the use of virgin plastics in your supply chain by incorporating high quality, traceable, ocean-bound plastic that otherwise end up in the environment.

Operation & Maintenance of Waste Infrastructure

Invest towards smooth Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of the waste infrastructure for processing plastic waste, with tech-enabled management of facilities.

Extended Producers’ Responsibility (EPR)

As brand and plastic waste producers, take complete responsibility of closing the loop with end-to-end epr plastic waste management through one QR code, in alignment with the latest amendment of PWM Rules, 2022

Plastic Offsetting

Recover ocean bound plastic (OBP), on behalf of brands, from environmentally vulnerable regions most affected by plastic pollution and provide plastic credits to them.


Project with Avery Dennison

Channeling waste Silcon Lining Paper into circularity by setting up its collection network and identifing recycling companies in India across the country.

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Project with CleanHub

Creating circular economy of low-value plastics in Pondicherry, to prevent flexibles from entering the oceans.

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Digitize the waste-ecosystem processes

Automate the journey of your brand’s plastic waste with our holistic technology platform that enables end-to-end traceability and efficiency for every player across the value chain.

City’s Waste Flow Governance

Build a data-backed system in a city, with us, mapping the journey of waste from source to disposal, leading to inclusive and sustainable waste management.

Facility Management System & PRO support

Automate the material handling process for efficient management of your plastics that are channeled into circulation.

Traceability & EPR Services

Join our comprehensive platform for EPR planning and reporting, PIBO stakeholder management, and end-to-end traceability through one QR code.

Closing the loop with end-to-end technology integration

Recity’s Waste Intelligence, an ISO 27001 certified SaaS platform, is trusted by the largest global brands and is a leading technology solutions in India. It automates India’s plastic waste value-chain and supports the ecosystem at large.

  • The end-to-end traceability starts from digitizing the waste management in cities to govern the flow of waste from a citizen segregating at source to a waste worker and ULB enabling segregated collection.
  • Once the material reaches a Dry Waste Collection Center (DWCC) or a Material Recovery Facility (MRF), the facility management system optimizes data, ensuring efficient operations and tracking material movement.
  • This equips a brand with not only real-time and authentic data for plastic credits, but also integration of high-quality, end-to-end traceable recyclates for their packaging – fulfilling demands of the new-age responsible consumer.

Change the game of plastics with end-to-end traceability

Share authentic information about the source of your plastic now! Our Traceability is your gateway to identify and track your assets in the supply chain and fulfill your sustainability commitments. Through this data, you get the visibility that enables you

To protect Brand Integrity
To ensure maximum Consumer Safety.
To steer clear from threats of Counterfeit Brands

Our Technology products enabling circularity of plastics

An integrated SWM Digital Platform that ensures regular door-to-door service through the waste professionals and further supports in the evaluation of user fee to be collected from those generating waste, and lastly traces the supply chain from source to end-of-life solution.

Key Features
  • Mapping of Waste Generation
  • Survey of Property Units
  • Processing of Geospatial Data
  • Monitoring of waste segregation, collection, and temporary storage points,
  • Monitoring of waste material transfer
  • Monitoring of User Charge Collection Fee
  • Grievance Redressal Portal
  • Separate interface for SWM Staff
  • Platform with multilingual support

An integrated technology product aimed for waste processing facilities, for Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs), and for brands creating traceability for the new- age customers.

Facility Management System

A Facility Management System (FMS) and Enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform used by waste processing facilities like Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and Dry Waste Collection Centre (DWCCs) to manage the operations and maintain real-time records with just a single click.

Key Features
  • Transparency in the processes at the facility
  • Visibility of inventory levels across stages
  • Increase in operational efficiency of the staff
  • Improvement in plugging wastages and optimum utilization of resources
  • Trend analysis of demand-supply patterns of material
  • Trend analysis of pricing and potential savings across material types

PRO platform

A consolidated platform for PROs, to fulfill their EPR requirements, by bringing all the stakeholders together. It helps to bring in visibility across the process by tracking material target and its fulfillment, thereby building traceability across the system.

Key Features
  • An interface that enables:
    • Trading of waste disposal certificates to meet the producer/ brand owner’s statutory obligations,
    • Promoting fair transactions within the purview of the PROs
  • Generation of reports from source, highlighting of recycled material, shows the value chain partners and features the certifications at an invoice level

Traceability for brands

A platform that provides visibility of end-to-end traceability of material from its collection source point till it reaches the responsible consumer.

Key Features
  • Supports brands to create awareness amongst their customers for responsible disposal of the waste
  • Enables brands to make sustainability claims with clear evidence
  • Enables brands to steer clear from the backlash of greenwashing

An Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Compliance Management Platform that enables Producers, Importers and Brand Owners (PIBOs) to manage its EPR compliance allocated to PROs or Waste Management agencies, and generate statutory forms for EPR.

Key Features
  • Streamlined process to create an EPR Plan
  • Live EPR dashboard for State-wise and National level fulfillment
  • One-stop platform for procurement & contract management
  • Standard Traceability & Accountability Protocol for EPR
  • Real-time Data Assessment to Avoid Duplication of certificate
  • Instant Compilation of documentation needed for compliance
  • Visibility of pan-India operations in a single platform
  • Availability of complete transaction-trail for Brand’s audits.
  • Availability of checker and audit verification of the entire stakeholders chain along with their documents verification for the Brand’s audits.

Catalyze citywide collaborations to source plastics

Collaborate with various ecosystem champions, to enable smooth waste management solutions in cities, resulting in quality sourcing of plastics by waste workers, waste pickers and other value chain players

Clean Cities

We design and implement awareness programs for source segregation using behavior change frameworks to ensure diversion of mixed waste from the landfills.


Multiply impact, with us, by enabling the workforce to take charge by setting up their own entrepreneurship journeys, even through Self-Help Groups (SHGs), further driving materials into circularity.

Anti-littering Drives

Support in raising environmental awareness in communities by recovering waste from eco-sensitive areas to improve the quality of the natural environment.

Consultancy - Waste Infrastructure Development

Bridge infrastructural gaps for processing the collected plastic waste, including flexible plastics, by setting up Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) and supporting landfill management.

Governance Technology

Integrate a multi-stakeholder technology platform for your brand, called CTYLoop, that enables key decision-makers with data to ensure efficient flow of plastic waste into circularity.

Professionalization of the Workforce

Collaborate with the waste sector workforce to enable socio-economic safety and security, recognition as well as occupational health and hygiene to them, which further enhances their livelihood, builds economic resilience and opens avenues for alternative sources of income.



Transforming of Mathura with a circular and inclusive model of solid waste management in partnership with PepsiCo Foundation.

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Build inclusive and contextualized systems to solve for solid waste management in Pondicherry in partnership with Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.

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Develop inclusive, contextualized & resilient models of solid and plastic waste management in partnership with Nestlé India.

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