Circularity of Low-Value Plastics



A strong foothold in Pondicherry has enabled Recity to join hands with the globally-established CleanHub, a Germany-based purpose-driven plastic credits organization. Dedicated to enabling ocean-loving brands take immediate responsibility for their plastic footprints, CleanHub is facilitating the collection and safe processing of non-recyclable plastic. With a common vision to keep plastics out of the environment, Recity’s partnership with CleanHub has developed an inclusive model catering to those in the last mile of waste collection in Pondicherry, and thereby keep Low-Value Plastics (LVP) out of the oceans.


Low-Value Plastic woes

The low-value plastic, especially Multi-layered Plastic (MLP) such as wrappers and packets that have zero value, were left behind by the formal and informal waste collectors.

Journey of plastics into the oceans

Lack of value to collect this low-value material leads to increasing levels of plastic in the environment, with high probability of drifting to the coast of Pondicherry


Formalized & incentivized LVP Collection
  • Professionalization of the workforce by ensuring safety, security, occupational health and hygiene, formalization and access to government benefits to the waste collectors, including pickers. 
  • Ensuring incentives for collection of low-value plastic, further enabling an ethically and fairly supported workforce
Diversion of LVP to the Sanitation Park
  • Enabling a circularity of the collected LVP by first channeling it to the Material Recovery Facility – Sanitation Park, supported by Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. and managed by Recity.
  • Appropriate sorting of this incoming LVP by the Sanitation Park staff equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and tech-enabled support for further co-processing, to ensure circular economy of plastics
Inclusion at the core of Compliance
  • Setting benchmarks for ensuring an inclusive and a fully compliant facility for the waste professionals engaged with the Sanitation Park in the long-run.


220 Tonnes of material

will be diverted from the landfill and ocean in Pondicherry in 2022-23

Transfer of the resulting economic value

passed down the value chain to ensure fair trade

Improved chances of livelihood

for the workforce with better income through incentives


Waste Workers

Waste Pickers

Pondicherry Municipality & Local Administration Department



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