Solving Silicon Lining Paper Waste

Sri City, Andhra Pradesh
NCR Delhi
Baddi, Himachal Pradesh
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Vapi, Gujarat


Avery Dennison, a global materials and manufacturing company with presence in 50 countries, specializes in providing information labeling solutions for branded packaging, to improve customers’ experience across various sectors. The self-adhesive material used as the base layer in packaging labels, known as Silicon lining paper, from which the label is peeled away during dispensing, goes unrecycled in India. Avery Denison, in partnership with Recity’s strategic circular economy interventions, aims to solve this with adequate recycling infrastructure to ensure a new journey to this waste material.


Material complexity

The silicon coated paper has limited recycling potential due to complexity of silicon layer & inadequate recycling infrastructure

Inadequate Disposal mechanisms

The material gets discarded or burned by the scrap dealers upon procurement due to lack of value


Ensure circularity of silicon lining paper
  • Establishing the right sources in the value-chain that see no value for this leftover material from the packaging and dispose it, leading to its journey in the landfills. 
  • Diverting 1500 MTs of silicon lining paper from the environment and bringing it back into circularity in 12 months
Setting up adequate recycling infrastructure
  • Delivering the best quality feedstock of this material into recycling 
  •  Establishing digital traceability of the recycled material with auditable evidence from the value-chain players


1500 MTs of silicon lining

paper landing up in the environment will be brought back into circularity

A digital documentary evidence

of circularity of SLP will be created for its data & governance

Additional business opportunity

for the informal supply chain will be generated

The informal supply chain

will undergo better compliance and training


Informal Supply chain

(Scrap Dealers, Traders, Aggregators)

Paper Mills & Recyclers



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